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Classic Leather Handbags

Our classic leather handbags are manufactured from the finest vegtable tanned, full grain leathers, sourced from a few select Italian tanneries


County Bag

27.5 x 18 x 19cm


Cartridge Bags

Small 26x18x8cm


Large 28x20x10cm



Saddle Bags

Tiny 16x18x6cm


Small 20x19x6cm


Medium 23x22x7cm


Large 27x26x8cm



Zip bag

Small 28x20x8cm


Medium 30x28x9cm


20211020_150228544_iOS conv.jpg

Tote Bag

Small 28x27x12cm


Medium 37x31x12cm



Swing Bag

A smart, lightweight shoulder bag, with full metal zip closure. 

Classic Leather Handbags: Products
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